As a Private Equity our value proposition to clients is simple. We seek high quality investment opportunities to gain multiples on the invested sum for the soonest possible turn-around period.

Due to this nature, higher risk may be attributed to the investments we may make. However, multiple risk management methodologies and assessments are conducted for each invested project. Hence the investments are fewer but with a higher potential for greater returns.

Therefore the clientele we deal with are assuredly sophisticated and accredited clients. As our client in our Private Equity firm, the INVESTOR clearly states his status, credibility and position in the market and society. By Law, we are NOT permitted to solicit and serve those of lower standing. Hence the strict Know-Your-Client (KYC) procedures.

Private Equity clients are those who are and have reached the right standing in life.


  • Invest in high quality investments
  • Focused on higher returns, ideally in multiples
  • As short as possible investment horizon (versus lifetime or lengthy investment horizons that are offered for retail investors)
  • Higher risk but intense risk mitigation
  • Focused investments and not overly diversified
  • Only solicit and serve sophisticated and accredited clients of good and high standing

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