The biggest companies in the world are technology related companies and the investments into these companies have shown to give returns of over 5 times (or more).


Many skyscrapers in cities around the world are banking towers. This simple fact shows the sheer economic power of financial companies. The business of finance is wide and varied from banking services to micro-loans. High multiples are common and regular in this sector.


From food to industrial products, agricultural products are everywhere. There are high multiple agricultural opportunities available that we have identified Spices and Refined Sugar were once worth more than their weight in Gold. There exist modern day equivalents.


Land and buildings remain sound and solid investments that when leveraged and structured correctly will generate high multiples for the investors.


Technology has accelerated global hospitality industry. Airbnb, Trivago, Agoda, Klook, Traveloka along with budget airlines and local transport apps like Uber, Lyft, Grab, Gojek, Ola, Didi and many more have made travel really easy. The number of people traveling the globe has increased exponentially yet MOST people in the world have not traveled outside their country and don’t have a passport. Imagine the multiples you could earn.


Manufacturing on an industrial scale may be over 270 years old. However, modern manufacturing with its full automation and robotics has managed to push down the cost to produce a unit exponentially lower without needing to reduce the price or reduce the price and increase production rapidly to supply. This means decent multiples. This transition period is where growth will be the highest.


The world's need for energy has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. It is becoming next to impossible to live without needing energy; either in the form of electricity to power your smart phones or fuel to cook and power your vehicles. With greater and greater demand, the need for energy and the price for energy will not decline far.


With the exception of Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and a few other locations; most of the world still lacks infrastructure and proper telecommunication. Trillions upon trillions of dollars are needed for this massive sector. The right deals will yield exponential multiples.


If there is one thing every parent would spend their hard-earned money on, it would be the education of their children. Education is no longer about only learning to read, write and count. It is about specialization and leveraging the education to gain advantages in one’s career trajectory. It is a high multiples sector.


The service industry is wide and varied. The largest technology companies in the world sell more services than products like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.


With the rising population and income levels worldwide, private healthcare and aesthetic medicine are also on a sharp rise. This is the result of not only being healthier but also to feel emotionally and mentally satisfied. The year-on-year demand for quality healthcare is exponentially growing creating very high PE Ratios and high multiples for the right investment.

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